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1s2u.com Bulk SMS is a service provided to empower users with sending huge number of SMS messages to end-customers with a click of a button. At 1s2u, we are the one-stop platform that delivers affordable and reliable single and bulk SMS services.
By using a web browser, users can send Bulk SMS with ease to anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world. Due to our quest to offer the cheapest Bulk SMS services, we provide competitive bulk SMS prices that is affordable for all and sundry. So whatever your budget is, sending bulk SMS is always a possibility through our services. Whether you operate as a developer or non-developer community or company, we have created a unique platform that makes bulk SMS messaging a possibility for everybody. To utilize our platform, you do not need any technical know-how as our platform is simple-to-use and suitable for everyone that wants to send SMS in bulk. Our platform supports HTTP and SMPP interfaces. Resultantly, you can make use of HTTP URL in ensuring the delivery of your send bulk SMS without any hassles. 1s2u.com coverage 207 countries globally with quality covenient and cheapest SMS services.

Who can use our Services?

Why to use 1s2u.com Bulk SMS?

1s2u.com is distinguished in market

1s2u.com is one of the biggest leading quality SMS services company in the world! With experiences of nearly 20 years, 1s2u.com is always committed to providing professional and quality SMS services. 1s2u.com is distinguished from other providers with its low-cost and flat rate concepts, and human real-time one-to-one communication for 24/7. 1s2u.com applies simple and practical solutions to its customers, and it is open for any suggestions for improvement, and you are welcome to be our reseller for our services. We will provide you with all the necessary training and guide you step by step to get yourself into Bulk SMS Messaging.

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How 1s2u.com Bulk SMS Messaging works?

1s2u.com ensures Quality Bulk SMS Messaging

1s2u.com provides dashboard for users to give them the ability to send bulk SMS. We have our own SMS messaging gateways to almost all over the world. We are dealing with many local and international network providers to ensure the best quality of SMS messaging is delivered to your end-customer. In addition, users can have inbound SMS messaging, that gives them with the ability to receive back responses from their customers. With this inbound-SMS messaging, users can have interaction with end-customers. Read more here.
By following Policy Service Usage and country restriction you will be sure of delivery messages. Our support team are always happy to get in-contact with you.

How 1s2u.com is reliable?

1s2u is certified and licensed by many well-known local and international authorities

1s2u.com is committed to give a full trust, protection, and privacy to customers. We have been certified by many local and international authorities for our businesses and services as follows:

  • MCMC: Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission is a Malaysian Legal authority in communications and multimedia industry.
  • Comodo Secure: is a well-known American Cyber Security company to ensure the protection of systems and data even from military grade threats.
  • Trust Guard: is a well-known security and business verification company to give the trust to customers about company's activities.
  • PCI DSS: PCI Data Security Standards is a security standardization to ensure continuous assessments and standardizations are set for the security of data.
  • Trust Lock: is a well-known security and business verification company to give the trust to customers about company's activities.
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We provide varoius SMS Solutions to our customers

1s2u.com is your one stop site for all your needs in International Quality Bulk SMS Messaging. Whether you want Setting automated auto-responding messages to your customers, Sending bulk SMS messages and getting a communication gateway to all of your customers, Tracking which customer clicked your sent links, Making data analysis of your SMS marketing campaign Buying virtual number and recieving SMS online, Getting your SMS Inbox Online, Knowing the mobile number networking status of your customers and verifying the valid numbers, Getting your SMS messages sent automatically based on data and time-frame, Making your customers know who send SMS messages to them by getting your own Sender ID, having two-steps verification for your services, or getting SMS verification code online to your virtual or private number online, or Getting our ready-made SMS solutions and use it as yours, and integration with your services. All of them can be easily with our products and services. Get your Quote Now!!

  • Autoresponder
  • Mass Text
  • Link Tracking
  • Data Collection
  • 2-Way Communication
  • HLR Lookup
  • Scheduled SMS
  • SenderID Registeration
  • SMS Verification Services
  • White Label SMS Platform
  • Messages Templates
  • Virtual Number
  • Personalized SMS
  • Mobile Bulk SMS App
  • Global Coverage

What are the benefits of using 1s2u.com Bulk SMS messaging?

Benefits of Bulk SMS Messaging

Bulk SMS messaging opens the door for many business owners to have the ability to reach end-customers effectively with ease.
Here are some of benefits of bulk SMS marketing for your business:

100% Market Potential

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and the only messaging app on every single mobile phone is SMS messaging app. Through SMS messaging you can be sure that customers will be engaged with your updates.

High Open Rate

Text Messages have an open rate of 98% compared to email marketing has an open rate of 23%. You can be pretty much guaranteed your send bulk SMS messages will be read by your customers.

Permission-based Marketing

Customers have the choice to subscribe to your updates. When you get permission from customers to accept your send bulk SMS marketing, it means your messages are welcomed to the high conversion rates of bulk SMS marketing.

Customers love it

Customers have asked to receive updates about your business which means they are interested in the services you provide. The proof of how much customers love bulk SMS is in the conversion rates which beats all other marketing channels.

Flexible Platform

Send Bulk SMS messages now, or schedule it for later. Personalize the message to each customer, or send an automated scheduled SMS text messages. There are lots of options with most bulk SMS platforms that ensures you don't miss your marketing targets.

Instant Delivery

Your messages are delivered in seconds to your customers. According to statistics, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes after receiving. And this shows the benefits of send bulk SMS messaging. So, if you want to see immediate results, start sending bulk SMS messages.


SMS has been around for 20 years now and trillions of text messages have been sent using the technology. And the matter of fact that SMS messaging reach all mobile phones, makes you pretty sure of your customers engagement.

Mobile Friendly

Bulk SMS messages are compatible with every mobile phone. And with consumers spending more time with their mobile phone rather than desktops, it is a must for business owners to start having a mobile marketing strategy.

Bulk SMS has high conversion rates

The overall conversion rates for send bulk SMS across all industries is 12%. However, many industries report much higher returns, some as high as 50% such as in the FMCG sector.

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