Bulk SMS Service

What we do?

We Offer Perfect and Affordable Solution for Sending Single and Bulk SMS.

At 1s2u, we are the one-stop platform that delivers affordable and reliable single and bulk SMS services.
By using a web browser, users can send SMS with ease to anyone anywhere in the world.
Due to our quest to offer the cheapest bulk SMS services, we provide competitive bulk SMS price that is affordable for all and sundry. So whatever your budget is, sending bulk SMS is always a possibility through our services.
Whether you operate as a developer or non-developer community or company, we have created a unique platform that makes bulk SMS messaging a possibility for everybody.
To utilize our platform, you do not need any technical know-how as our platform is simple-to-use and suitable for everyone that wants to send SMS in bulk.
Our platform supports HTTP and SMPP interfaces. Resultantly, you can make use of HTTP URL in ensuring the delivery of your bulk SMS without any hassles.

SMS Voting

SMS Voting solution, based on Voting service in 1s2u solutions, enables you to create various types of attractive SMS voting events - surveys, opinion polls, quizzes, etc.



Intended for creating interactive events, it2sms with TV Chat service enables you to display incoming SMS messages on a screen device.


SMS Info

Which enables you to make custom SMS services in order to provide users with desired information such as news, weather reports, sport events.


2-Way SMS

Upon seeing an advert somewhere, a user will text in a keyword to a short code, 1s2u user will then receive his customer incoming sms, which can be used for many solutions.


SMS Marketing

Provided SMS marketing is permission based, with the receiver desiring the message, SMS offers one of the highest response rates in marketing.


SMS Abbreviations

In order to fit the most information into the message there are some standard accepted abbreviations. They can be very helpful but it also using unclear abbreviation can diminish the impact of the message.


1s2u Features

You can send SMS from your PC through our website to all your customers, friends, clients etc., in a very easy way.

Message Templates


Promo messages, client broadcasts, custom reminder / greetings - great to use for SMS.

Message To Groups


SMS services to help groups communicate with each other about activities, meeting and special interest information.

Delivery Reports


Get full, accurate, and detailed reporting (DLR) for all messages sent status.

Who can use our SMS Marketing Services?

E-commerce businesses

Retail companies

Healthcare facilities

Universities and colleges

Auto companies

Food and hospitality companies

And many more...

Do you need the best SMS marketing services now? Call us at 1s2u and experience tremendous improvement in your business.

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