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1s2u.com offers Quality Bulk SMS Services with cheapest price and real-time online 24/7 support. Providing various services and solutions in SMS marketing gives our customers the convenience to continuously use our platform. Sending Bulk SMS messaging online at the same price to all around the world, with having a delivery report, automated and scheduling SMS messages, two-way SMS messages, auto-responding messaging, customers’ networking coverage HLR lookup, and coverage for more than 200 countries made 1s2u.com one of the most popular bulk quality SMS messaging sender in the world. You can integrate our services in your website with our various APIs, such as: HTTP API, SMPP API, SMTP API, HLR API, Inbound API, DLR API, Get Credits API, and APP Verification API.

Premier Bank of Somalia

Send Bank Account Updates to Customers

Premier Bank is a privately owned Sharia compliant commercial bank incorporated in Somalia in 2013 and licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia in 2014. With their vision of building a better Somalia, Premier bank managed to be one of the top banks in Somalia. Premier bank is using 1s2u.com for sending SMS bank related updates to their customers. 1s2u.com is proud to be a part of Premier Bank success story.

sms premier bank
1s2u sms jubaexpress

Juba Express

Send Money Transaction Updates to Customers

Juba Express is a UK registered and licensed Money Transmitter Company with its head quarter office in London. The company was established on February 2009, and has formed a partnership with both local and international financial institutions and business organizations with required licenses to conduct money transmission services and currency exchange services. Juba Express is using 1s2u.com to send transaction related updates to their customers. 1s2u.com is proud to be a part of Juba Express success story.

Wide Smart Tech

Industrial Automation and Smart Home Updates for Users

Wide Smart Tech is a Malaysian registered company for Industrial and Home Automation. With their aim to provide best automation solutions, Wide Smart Tech becomes one of the most popular companies in Automation. Wide Smart Tech integrated APIs provided by 1s2u.com with their systems to empower customers with the ability to get machines updates in their factories or homes. 1s2u.com is proud to be a part of Wide Smart Tech success story.

wide smart tech
malaysia kebabg


Shares the Love of Food

KebabG is one of the top restaurants in Malaysia. With their Mediterranean and Western food, they managed to get the love of all nationalities. KebabG makes frequent updates to their customers with special promotions and credits using many mediums. KebabG restaurant uses SMS messaging from 1s2u.com platform to send it to all of their customers. 1s2u.com is proud to be a part of KebabG resturant success story.

A&K Pacific

Scales to a New Heights

A&K Pacific Sunrise is one of the leading suppliers of premium dates in Malaysia. Since their establishment in 2015, they become the house of best quality dates fruit with the most affordable prices. As a part of their marketing, A&K used 1s2u.com to update their customers with latest promotions for special events. 1s2u.com is proud to be a part of A&K success story.

1s2u sms akps


Canadia Bank Cambodia

Cambodia’s Best Bank

Canadia Bank Plc. was established on 11th November 1991 as “Canadia Gold & Trust Corporation Ltd.”, joint-venture between Cambodian - Canadians and the National Bank of Cambodia (Central Bank of Cambodia). The bank’s management consisted of former staff of the National Bank of Cambodia and its Cambodian – Canadian shareholders. 1s2u.com is proud to be a part of Canadia Bank Cambodia success story.

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