How Bulk SMS Works!

How to use Bulk SMS Services?

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Upload Your Contacts

To send group or bulk SMS messages, upload your contacts list in this format as explained here

Start Sending your Bulk SMS

Now you are ready to type your SMS message and share it with your contact list. You may want to create templates for your repeated messages. Read More...

Where to use Bulk SMS messaging?

Featured Business Sectors to use Bulk SMS Messaging

SMS is a great way to communicate and there is no end to its uses. From businesses to individuals and groups, keeping in-touch is easy with

Bulk SMS Locate

SMS services offering driving directions, yellow pages, street address directory, e-taxi, traffic delays and flight arrival and/or departure updates.

Bulk SMS School

SMS services to send absentee alerts, special announcements, exam notifications, result notifications, event notifications and parent notifications.

Bulk SMS Personal Info

SMS services offering reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, gifts, public holidays, bill payments, meetings, tasks & events.

Bulk SMS Bid

SMS services extend the functionality of auctions services to the mobile/wireless devices such as mobile bidding and special interest alerts.

Bulk SMS Info

SMS services that send news, sports scores, weather, horoscopes, classifieds and exchange rates.

Bulk SMS Credit Card

SMS services to notify when purchases are made, of current balances and special offers.

Bulk SMS Financial

SMS services to send portfolio information, stock quotes, price alerts and news headlines.

Bulk SMS Groups

SMS services to help groups communicate with each other about activities, meeting and special interest information.

Bulk SMS Marketing

SMS services to support marketing campaigns and promotional activities via coupons, special offers and incentives.

Bulk SMS Reserve

SMS services for the notification of availability of movie tickets, restaurant reservations and hotels availability.

Bulk SMS Shopper

SMS services to announce product availability, holiday specials and mobile coupons.

Bulk SMS Banking

SMS services enable banks to provide better customer service. These include sending transaction notifications, balances summaries or statement notifications or information services such as rates and special offers.

Bulk SMS Company

SMS services to help a company stay in-touch with their staff and customers by sending meeting confirmations, important notices, incentive messages and product announcements.


SMS services which allows enhanced interaction with the customer like promotion campaign, complaint management system, logistics support and supply chain management.

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