SMS Reseller System

Advantages of Reseller System

As a Bulk SMS reseller of our private label Bulk SMS service, you will be able to supply a service that is increasingly in demand by businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Branded group text messaging service will enhance your existing portfolio of services and prevent clients who are already investigating the potential of text message marketing from looking elsewhere. You may even attract new clients with a white label Bulk SMS platform that you can then cross-sell with your existing services


You will save huge upfront expenses when you join our Bulk SMS White Label Partner Program. In addition you are saving years of developments, short code certifications and compliance procedures.

Easy To Use

Our team will handle all technical aspects of the system, updates and maintenance. Your job will be to build your business and servicing your clients. Our user-friendly platform allows you to manage your clients accounts with ease.

Comprehensive Backend

Our proprietary backend SMS platform will allow you to easily manage your clients, packages, credits, keywords, and apps. Also, you will be able to monitor all of your accounts’ activities and run reports.

The Benefits of Reselling Our White Label

When you resell our Bulk SMS white label platform, we deploy and maintain a copy of our industry-leading platform on your own dedicated Domain.

We will replace all Texting branding with your own logos, banners and contact details, and you can customize it as your own theme. You will use a dynamic backend template, and you can edit your theme text, photos, prices …etc, as you like.

Your customers and clients will never know that they're using our Bulk SMS system text messaging platform. Build a text messaging application that's all your own. WordPress schemes and build your own website in a very easy way, together with having your own dedicated server.

Bulk SMS Reseller

Our Partners Statistics

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Start Your Own Private Label SMS Service Today

1s2u Reseller System What will you get?

Reseller will get free domain and hosting for one year (second year will need renewal), also you can use your own registered domain. Our professional team will guide you how to link it to your Bulk SMS hosting and setup for you a dedicated server.

Admin SMS Control Panel with many features, add, remove, manage credits, reports, users control, and more.

Fully responsive Front-End SMS Panel for end users with many features send single & bulk SMS messages, get delivery reports, have a conatct management, and more.

Provide SMS API to your users to send SMS. We provide Bulk SMS API using HTTP and SMPP protocols, Email API using SMTP, check the delivery of messages using DLR API, and get two-way SMS messaging using Inbound SMS API. Checkout our Developer Program.

Dynamic website theme (No Programming Required), edit your Bulk SMS website in a very easy way. You will be provided together with a dedicated server to host your website.

To create your own email addresses and manage all the settings.

Our tutorial videos provide a step-by-step guide to setup, send bulk SMS and manage your reseller system. Checkout our Youtube Channel.

Contact us from anywhere in the world and chat with one of our friendly support team members who are always eager to help with whatever issues you may have.

Giving you comprehensive information about our sms reseller system and how to make the most out of it. Checkout our Knowledge Base.

reseller panel

Want to become SMS Reseller!

Joining one of the best fast-growing business in the world, is now easy in your hands. We are giving our white-label products to our users to join Bulk SMS Market. Do not worry about knowing any of technical backgrounds, we will handle it for you, and you will get the profit you decide for reselling SMS messaging to your customers. Get the profit above our selling price, and we will get from you only our standard price. It is a very fair and good opportunity to partner with us and get a life-time partner with the great of Bulk SMS Marketing. Choosing us among all other competitors is the right choice, as we guarantee the best quality, best services, best support, and cheapest prices for Bulk SMS Messaging. Just contact our support team and ask for the reseller system plan, and we will do all setup needed to join us. Your role will be only supporting your customers and earning profits. Contact us Now!!

Reseller System Features

Text message marketing has been acknowledged as the key element of a mobile marketing strategy.

Your Own Pricing

Set Your Own Pricing

When your clients and customers make purchases, you simply earn the difference between our costs and your prices.

Easy Setup

Fast & Easy Setup

We can get you up and running in days. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step to have your own copy of our SMS white label.

Prfessional Training

Training & Support

Upon joining our system, our team will make sure all concerns or questions you might have are addressed properly. We provide support to all of our customers.

Trusted Partner

Get a trusted partner

We partner with our clients and help them achieve their long-term goals, we will make sure to understand the needs of our clients and ensure the campaigns are set properly.

Start Your Own Private Label SMS Service Today

To find out more about becoming a reseller of our Bulk SMS private label services, or for details on how you can rebrand our white label SMS platform, do not hesitate to contact our team. Our team will answer any questions you may have about operating a branded group text messaging service and start you on the path to having your own private label SMS service today.

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